Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

A few years ago I started teaching a middles school computer class on Google’s G Suite. I looked around a little for a curriculum to use but instead decided to create one my self that aligned with state standards.

The curriculum teaches G Suite by having students “start” their own business and the assignments relate to their business. I call named it RA Start. RA is our schools initials and I tried to loosely model like a start up incubator.

RA Start (logo)

I am kind of proud of the curriculum and I believe that it is pretty effective. I have considered self publishing and trying to sell it through my website. But I have always been concerned about trying to figure out all of the copy rights around it. I feel confident that my school would be ok with me selling it. But I don’t yet know how to deal with Google’s logos…

It was good reading Dr. Dennen’s paper this week on Ownership of Digital Course Artifacts. However, it reminded me how complicated ownership can be. I want to respect other peoples work and fallow the law, however, that line is not always as easy to discern as I wish that it was.

What do you guys think I should do? Do you know a good way for me to figure out the copy right issues so that I might be able to publish the curriculum?

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