I think that timelines and collaboration are both great on their own but together… They sound even better.

I really enjoyed reading the paper “Crowdsourcing and Self-Instruction: Turning the Production of Teaching Materials Into a Learning Objective” by Matthew Charles Wilson. The whole time I read the paper I was trying to figure out how I can create a similar assignment in my high school geography class. The class is for both Freshmen and Sophomores at my school.

So here is my plan so far and I am welcoming feedback.

This is just my initial thoughts on the assignment. I want to try and create crowd sourcing with in my classroom. These timelines will provide good context when we look at what the country is currently like.

Please give me your thoughts.

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Lee M

I like it! I’m not sure why the multimedia wouldn’t get credit if they still summarized it in 1-2 sentences, though.