Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

I would consider my self a digital resident. I feel very comfortable with technology and I turn to it to get work done and to relax. However, I feel like my relationship with technology has changed over the past few months of quarantine. I know that I am not alone in this feeling. Before technology felt like a companion that I could take with me and use to get things done. But now it feels more like my portal to everywhere that is beyond the walls of my house. And I am both grateful and resentful to it.

I used to go to teach in a school building every day, now technology is my portal to work. I used to go to the store, now I shop a lot more online. I used to hang out with my friends, now we connect online. I used to go out exploring in the city, now I… I… I kind of do that online. I am extremely grateful for the access that technology has given me when my access to most everything else is so limited. This time would be so much more difficult in most every part of my life if I did not have the ability to use technology to connect.

At the same time, this tool that was such a welcome companion for life’s journeys has become a core necessity of life that I am terrified not to have but also get tiered of always being there.

Digital resident… perhaps but it feels more and more like I cannot leave.

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An excellent perspective– familiarity breeds contempt.


Loved the post! I too share some of the same feelings about feeling the need to have technology while also having a strong desire to disengage with it. What I have done is made efforts to enjoy the people I am safe around as much as I can. It has proven to make my time during this pandemic a healthy break from the constant hustle and bustle of my life PC (PRE COVID).


Thank you for sharing. You put into words how I am feeling. Three months laterI’m still trying to discover the healthy balance of unplugging yet still feel connected to all the things pre-COVID I enjoyed.

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