There are events that drastically change how we interact and what we do.

I enjoyed the article “Contextualizing a professional social network for health care: Experiences from an action design research study,” and how the medical personal were able to use the social network to collaborate more. Privacy is very important to the medical industry and so the paper focused on a very closed social network.

Since COVID-19 a lot of social media interactions for Doctors has changed.

  1. There are a lot doctors who have taken to social media to promote COVID safety precautions. Some doctors have really take to this while others feel like it is not for them. (
  2. In March or April I ran across an article (Sadly I am not able to find it now) that talked about how during quarantine Doctors have found Twitter to be very useful in collaborating with other doctors. They were able to talk to other doctors about research and treatments.

I think that most medical social media interaction should happen in restricted social media contexts but I think that it is cool that some of it can take place in public.

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