Thank you Dr. Dennen for sharing you chapter 4 draft with the class this week. I appreciated the definitions and explanations you gave to different networked activities.

I want to focus on Construct though. Many have been quoted saying “Great artist steal.” But what makes their art stand out is how they adapt, combine, and modify what others have done before them. Knowledge gets better when we connect the dots and combine ideas, then share it.

Through out history there have been countries and communities that have intentionally isolated themselves from the outside. They often start off ok but then they fall behind other communities. This is because they have not been able to construct outside information together and improve upon it.

The internet has so much great information that we can gather, combine, edit, and learn from, then share. Wikipedia seems to be the best example of this. So many people have come together to construct knowledge and put it into a format that makes sense. This is now a great tool.

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Danielle Davis

I think the title of this piece is really interesting. Of course many educators are tasked with the responsibility of teaching students how to cite their sources, and I think what you are talking about in this post fits well with our discussion last week about intellectual property.