Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

I found the discussion of social groups vs networks to be a fascinating topic from the book Networked. I hear people talk about how their group that they identify with acts or thinks. Therefore they should do the same thing. This idea frustrates me because we each in many different overlapping and separate groups. We can find ourselves with dissidents where one group we belong to conflicts with another group we belong to. We can do the same thing from the outside looking at other people. It is too easy to stereotype all people in a group to be the same. That is not fair though.

Networked - Book cover

Instead we belong to networks of people. This includes family, work, social, religious, geography and so on. These networks connect and intersect regularly. You might be friends with someone you work with or you might go to church with them.

This portion of the book gave me the words to articulate what I have been thinking about for a while. I enjoy making these connections and will continue to build them.

What contradictions in your “groups” have you experienced? Does it help you to think about them as networks instead of groups?

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I appreciate you making this point here! As I explore different lifestyles, I find myself looking to site such as Instagram and YouTube to look into aspects of a “group.” For example, while on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy I stumbled across Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. Minimalism was never something I had really heard of outside of people that live in tiny homes and I was interested. In researching the topic further, I found a group of people that acts in a way very similar to how you describe. “Well, blah-blah only has 100 possessions, I… Read more »

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