Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

Choosing the right platform is a challenge. When I read Tweet me, message me, like me: using social media to facilitate pedagogical change within an emerging community of practice I was thinking about the ways my teaching team communicates.

I work at a small k-12 private school. There are four full time teaching positions for grades 7-12. I know small… but good. We each teach multiple subjects. Since we are a small school everyone collaborates at some level or another. We don’t use social media to communicate but we do use social messaging services.

Here is a breakdown of how most of our communication happens.

WhatsApp: It is not my first choice for work communications but it is what works well for the other 7-12 team members. It works fine and we can easily use group messaging on different platforms (However, my phone died recently and I was not able to use it with out my phone working).

Google Chat: I work very closely with our IT director and we use Google Chat all of the time to communicate. I also sometimes use it with our administrative assistants.

Text messaging: Quick communication with the whole staff often takes place via text messaging. This is fine but it works different depending on what kind of phone you have.

Google Hangouts: Students often message teachers via Hangouts. This is quick and I think all of us have it on our phones.

Slack: I recently started using slack because our “division” started a channel and this allows me to talk with teachers all over the US and Canada.

All of these groups are complimented by email and Zoom.

How does your team communicate? Is your communication as confusing as mine is? I hope that it is more streamlined.

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My current job is very anal about allowing us to use certain platforms for communicating. They wouldn’t allow us to have something such as Slack because they were worried about privacy. Since the quarantine, we’ve had to communicate so much more online and following email chains for quick conversations is a pain in the butt. We’ve finally been given permission to use Microsoft Teams so that’s mainly what we use for communication.


I have several platforms I use for communication whether for work, school or family and friends. It would be nice to streamline.I really don’t need 3 different apps to communicate sport schedules. Having them all use the same platform would be helpful. As for work, we communicate using Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook (email and chat). I get voices mails on my phone and also receive them in email format when someone calls using Skype instead of the phone.

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