Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

Most teachers I have met tend to have become a teacher for one of two primary reasons. They love the students or they love the content. We all know that it can be difficult to make any kind of money in certain fields but you can at least make a living if you teach it.

However, I have met very few (if any) experienced teachers who are still in it just for the content. You remain a teacher because you love the students.

Technology can make teachers and students feel more distant from each other, and I think that is one of the big reasons why some teachers resist it. But it doesn’t have too, in fact, I am a strong proponent that technology should be designed and used to foster the relationships between teachers and students.

This week we read about how big data is being used to assess more authentic learning and collaboration. This is awesome. Big data always sounds like such a scary thing because it is so abstract to humans and has been used in scary ways. However, if it is used right with proper supervision it has the possibility of connecting us as humans better.

Most teachers love the idea of group projects but a lot of us struggle to properly balance each students’ expectations and grades along with the groups. It seems like every time I do a group project there is some issue with some student not doing enough and some doing to much… I would be very interested in using big data to help me with this balancing act.

What do you think? Am ignoring the privacy issues too much (they do concern me)? How would you use big data in a training situation?

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I am the odd man out here because I am instructional designer, not a teacher. And I am in it for the content as much as supporting the client. As I look at relocating soon, I don’t even look at jobs involving medical, finance, or sales training because they do not interest me. At the same time, I hear what you are saying. Teach is all about reaching the minds of the learners and being distant from the learners takes much of the ability to observe the learning away. Yet there are ways as Vanessa Dennen can demonstrate. If you… Read more »

jessica burns

I too have found myself not doing too many group projects in the classroom because of the same reasons you mentioned. As the one who always ended up doing all the work when I was in school, I feared the group project as a teacher too. I have found though that in the remote and distance setting, group projects have worked to my advantage. Weird, I know. When I have assigned them, I have made sure to assign a group component and an individual one. I also utilize collaborative tools that show me revision feedback (like Google Doc, Google Slides,… Read more »


I ‘m going to have to do more research on utilizing the analytics, but this class has made me think about some simpler ways I can help students be accountable for doing their part in group projects. If they do their collaboration online, even if I can’t access actual analytic data, maybe I can see the notes of their process.

i agree with your thoughts on teaching. Love of content will make the job easier, but it is love of students that keeps you in it.

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