I enjoyed reading Dr. Dennen’s paper, Instructional Design and Development for Social Media Lessons, that describes why and how she uses social media tools in her lessons.

Dr. Dennen is a very intentional and reflective teacher and I had no doubts that she had very good rationals for her methodologies. However, it was very insightful to read those rationals. It helped me reflect more on my rational for classes.

One of my summer projects is to transform a high school Bible class that I teach in to a fully online synchronous class. We will meet several times a week but the students will be in their homes. (I know that all of education has been doing this, however, we have been planning this class for a long time and plan to offer it after quarantine as well.

I think that I am going to have each student set up a Google Site (because we can easily restrict who has access) and have them blog once or more a week reflecting on what we are covering in class that week. Then they will need to comment on three or more classmates posts. They comments need to be substantive and not just telling the other student that they liked their post.

I am going to reflect on this a bit more and experiment with it. I might bring it to some of my other classes as well. I think that it will help with self reflection on what we are learning.

Thank you Dr. Dennen

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