Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

About 20 years ago or so there was a lot of talk that libraries would loose their usefulness and close down because of computers and the internet would make them obsolete. I admit, at the time the argument made sense to me. But no one must asked a librarian about it.

female librarian with gold medal and crown

It seems like are librarians are always finding ways to be more relevant. Before quarantine, I would, on average, visit by library at least once a week. It is one of the things I miss most while being in quarantine. Librarians are innovators and always expanding their knowledge and abilities.

It was good to read Building Library Community Through Social Media and see one more way librarians are innovating to be more helpful. I like the idea of librarians also being on Twitter to give quality answers to difficult questions. Yes, Google and Wikipedia can give you answer but a librarian will almost always give you a better one and direct you to more quality sources.

Thank you librarians for being awesome.

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