Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

I enjoyed hearing, this week, how everyone’s Personal Learning Network (PLN) is different and unique. I am forever working on my professional PLN but I also use PLNs to enhance my hobbies.

I have always loved the coffee shop experience but I did not always like coffee. But it slowly happened… once I decided that I liked coffee I wanted to figure out what I liked about it and how to make it better. I remember calling my dad in Trader Joes to ask him what grind setting to use for my new French Press.

I then used YouTube videos to teach me how to properly use the French Press. I enjoyed this but the more I learned the more I wanted to learn. Every time I ordered a cup of coffee I would ask the barista’s questions. Then I would go home and test it out. My collection of coffee makers and tools grew.

My coffee tools

I clearly remember my first time visiting a coffee roaster that was not in a cafe. I bought a bag of coffee then the owner offered to make me a fresh cup of coffee. YES! But then he didn’t have cream. I was nervous at first but I tasted it anyways. Mind blown! That cup of coffee was amazing. I had to know why and stop using creamer.

I bought more tools, watched more videos, and talked to more baristas/roaster. I successfully used my PLN to learn how to make really good coffee everyday. I continue to learn and enjoy the process.

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