For me our two final projects collide together quite hard. I created a course called Your Teacher PLN for our produsage assignment. Now I am working on my PLN assignment about my PLN as a teacher and I am having a difficult time identifying what mine is.

Most of the time when I want to know something about teaching I will Google it or reach out to someone that I know. I have connections all over the country but I usually will connect with then via email or other private messaging. I think that counts as a PLN but I will be honest the lines are not super clear for me there.

When I envision a PLN I think of it as following the right people on twitter, Facebook Groups, Pinterest Boards, and even following YouTube channels. I have dabbled with all of those but I would struggle to call it an PLN for education.

Maybe this is a good time to invest a bit more into those resources and develop a more powerful PLN.

What are your thoughts? Are my definitions off? I am just now creating an email list for a newsletter, could that count (sign up below 😁)?

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