Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

This week I had several different assignments from different courses collide.

  • For the Community assignment in Web 2.0 course I had participated in the r/Teachers Reddit group (I really enjoyed interacting there).
  • I am also currently taking Development of Computer Courseware. This week we created instructional videos.
  • Then back to the Web 2.0 course we are starting our Knowledge Sharing and Tracking Assignment.

So, I decided to use the video I created for my Knowledge Sharing and Tracking Assignment. It seems to be a perfect fit and timing for that assignment. I have followed the advice in the assignment and shared it from two different Twitter accounts, Linked in, and sent it to some friends & family.

Then I wanted to share it with the r/Teachers Reddit group… Not that easy… Their “rules” say, “Do not advertise your blog, publication, website, or YouTube channel.” So then I decided to try a different Reddit group I had seen r/teaching. At first I thought that this would work because I read in their rules “Links to blogs/vlogs/videos should be self-posts.” I can do that. So, I created a post with my YouTube video in it… instantly blocked… I scrolled down and read “No direct-links to self-promoting content, including YouTube videos.” Oh… I didn’t read far enough….

I understand why they do this. Different platforms and groups specialize in different kinds of content. The Reddit forms are like a wonderful teachers break room, where you can commiserate and celebrate together. If they allowed self promotion posts it would change the character of the platform.

For your enjoyment, here is my video and posts sharing it:

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