Thank You

This class provided me the opportunity to blog for the first time. I have enjoyed the process and thank you for being a part of this journey. It has been a great way to process through what we are learning. Each week I looked forward to the chance of someone commenting on a post I […]

You Need a Website

I first created this website three years ago as a way to house portfolio pieces and play around with different kinds of content creation. It is fare from the highest quality or complete but it has been a lot of fun. Here are some things I have done and am doing with it. Every summer […]

My Teachers PLN

For me our two final projects collide together quite hard. I created a course called Your Teacher PLN for our produsage assignment. Now I am working on my PLN assignment about my PLN as a teacher and I am having a difficult time identifying what mine is. Most of the time when I want to […]

Take My Course

I just completed my course for our Produsage assignment. It is called Your Teacher PLN and it helps teachers use social media to adapt a lesson plan that worked great in their classroom but fails when taught remotely. For this assignment I installed Moodle on my website and I enabled self registration / enrollment. So, […]

You Can’t Post That

This week I read the Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2017 report. It was interesting to see the really high adoption of social media platforms in that part of the world. The biggest thing that I think is different in some of those countries than here is government censorship. So far […]

The World is Mobile

I remember signing up for my first social network on my laptop in my dorm room and wondering why I was friends with Tom. It turned out everyone was‽ And then a few years later I signed up for Facebook again from my dorm room on my laptop. But then a few years after that […]

The Largest Global Social Network Will Be Chinese

Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly active users, YouTube has 1.9 billion, WhatsApp has 1.9 billion, and WeChat has 1.06 billion. All of these are blocked by the Chinese government except for the Chineses owned WeChat. Most non-Chineses social networks are blocked within China. This creates all sorts of interesting divisions with how people outside of […]

I Teach Students Not Content

Most teachers I have met tend to have become a teacher for one of two primary reasons. They love the students or they love the content. We all know that it can be difficult to make any kind of money in certain fields but you can at least make a living if you teach it. […]

Classroom Blogs

A few weeks ago I wrote a post, In the footsteps of Dr. Dennen, where I talked about having my high school students blog about what we talked about in class each week. I have been thinking more about it and I decided to write about it again after reading Assessing the effects of interactive […]

The Political Classroom

I teach history, geography, and government (once for government) classes along with religion and computer classes. I know that, as a teacher, I have a huge impact on my students. For most of them, I probably fit with in the top 5-10 most influential people in their lives. Especially since I teach at a small […]