This class provided me the opportunity to blog for the first time. I have enjoyed the process and thank you for being a part of this journey. It has been a great way to process through what we are learning. Each week I looked forward to the chance of someone commenting on a post I wrote. The comments help to keep the conversation going.

I took strong options in some of my posts and others I did not have a clear answers even after writing the post. The comments were a good way for me to continue processing what I was thinking about.

I attempted to comment on all of your blogs as well. I hope that I did not miss any. It was good to learn more about how you were reflecting on the class topics as well.

I will keep writing. I have not fully figured out how or what it will look like yet but I intend on keeping this experience alive. Check back to for future updates or sign up for my “new letter” that I am hoping to start.

Will you keep blogging too? If so where can we find your work?

Thank you.

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jessica burns

I always looked forward to reading your blogs. And your comments to me were always helpful. Thanks for the conversations this semester 🙂