Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

I just signed a contract today to create five mini teacher training courses for professional development. After reading Enriching Higher Education with Social Media: Development and Evaluation of a Social Media Toolkit I figured I would see what social media tools would suggest I use. So, I took the short survey and was shown this graph:

Pie graph that shows the following data:
Social Networking Services (20%)
Document Sharing Services (20%)
Blogging & Microblogging Services (20%)
Live-Communication Services (15%)
Media Sharing Services (13%)
Collaboration Services (13%)

My thoughts:

Social Networking Services (20%): Before I took the survey I was thinking that it could be cool to give them a completion badge that they could post on social media. While I still might plan on doing that it doesn’t directly impact their learning. So, I might also ask them to share out their plans to implement something from the training with a specific hashtag.

Document Sharing Services (20%): The course will be hosted through a LMS that I think will take care of document sharing however it could be interesting to have the ability for learners to interact with the content a bit more.

Blogging & Microblogging Services (20%): Each training is supposed to take about one hour. I think that asking them to create their own blog for this might be too much. However, I might link out to my own blog with a category. This will allow me to update or add to the course over time by using my blog posts kind of like appendixes.

These are going to be asynchronous courses. Therefore, I won’t be using any Live-Communication Services (15%). But we could do some webinars to expand the content in the future. Especially if there is a lot of requests for such information.

Media Sharing Services (13%): I do plan on embedding videos I create in the course. However, I believe that those will all be hosted on the platform and wont be interacted with.

Collaboration Services (13%): We could include a Wiki at the end for learners to contribute further methodical developments and ideas. However, I do not think the platform I am creating for will want this. I might develop the idea though….

Please share your ideas and thoughts. What else should I consider in integrating social media into these courses?

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jessica burns

This is awesome! Congrats. Maybe you could use QR codes that link to a Google Form or shared document or something? Then you can have them collaborate or research further? You could ask further questions this way. I use this in my online classes for attendance and exit tickets but there are multiple uses. Have you also maybe consider using Flipgrid for discussion and collaboration? It’s a great tool for an online class.

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