I first created this website three years ago as a way to house portfolio pieces and play around with different kinds of content creation. It is fare from the highest quality or complete but it has been a lot of fun.

Here are some things I have done and am doing with it.

Every summer I conduct a three day curriculum training for teachers. On pet peeve I have when participating in a workshop training is how presenters handle the content that they are presenting. Presenters are always searching their computer for the next PowerPoint, video, or other content. Instead, I simply embed embed all of my content on a password protected blog post. Then I can more elegantly move between my content without distracting my participants. Then I give the participants the link and password. However, I am conducting a training this week where I will be using Moodle in a training for the first time.

Last fall I took a class where we created a self passed course. I thought this would be good to put on my website. It took a bit of extra work but now my course is on my website for anyone to take, instead of hanging out on my computer’s hard drive. Feel free to take it: Video Conference Instruction Methods.

I was able to host the blog for this class on my website. I could have just as easily used blogger but I enjoy having more control over the website.

I am also taking Development of Computer Courseware this summer. I tried to centralize my projects around the theme of Teaching From Home and in addition to sharing them on social media, I am able to centralize them all in one place. I plan on developing this part further.

I recently installed Moodle on my website so that I can now create a portfolio of courses. I was blessed with a contract this summer to produce a few courses. In my contract I asked for the rights to republish the courses myself. So, I will be adding these to my sites Moodle. Maybe I will be able to help others with them or they might just serve as portfolio pieces.

Do you have a website? What have you done with yours or what would you like to do with one?

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Dan He

Having a hub of all the resources sounds really cool! It works as a personal repertoire and work station. This is way more efficient than having a resources management tool. Thanks for sharing!