Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

I first created in 2017 as a way to house portfolio pieces and play around with different kinds of content creation. I have enjoyed learning and creating some fun content.

Here are some things I have done and am doing with it.

Every summer I conduct a three day curriculum training for teachers. A pet peeve I have is when I participating in a workshop training, is how presenters handle the content that they are presenting. Presenters are often searching their computer for the next PowerPoint, video, or other content. Instead, I simply embed my content on a password protected blog post. Then I can more elegantly move between content without distracting my participants. Then I give the participants the link and password.

The last time I conducted the training I decided to install and use Moodle instead. It gave be the ability to use a lot more tools, like discussions, submissions, and more. However, it was not quite as elegant and confused some of my participants.

I would like to have some thing in between the two.

I took a class at FSU where we created a self passed course. I thought the content would be good to put on my website. It took a bit of extra work but now my course is on my website for anyone to take, instead of hanging out on my computer’s hard drive. Feel free to take it: Video Conference Instruction Methods.

I am also took Development of Computer Courseware this summer. I tried to centralize my projects around the theme of Teaching From Home and in addition to sharing them on social media, I was able to put them all together on one page.

I found that my students connect better with the content if they are able to respond to parts of it that are meaningful to them. I created private blog section that they must post on every week and comment on each others posts. This has been very effective at having them further explore ideas that we talk about in class.

Do you have a website? What have you done with yours or what would you like to do with one?

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Dan He

Having a hub of all the resources sounds really cool! It works as a personal repertoire and work station. This is way more efficient than having a resources management tool. Thanks for sharing!

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