This is not going to be a post about how great I am… That is for a later post. For the record, I neither think I am extraordinary nor un-extraordinary. I just like to share what I know.

I do enjoy learning new things from my Personal Learning Network (PLN), however, I think my favorite thing to do is share what I know. I guess that is why I am a teacher.

A few months ago, at the start of the quarantine, I got asked to contribute to a blog that was set up to help teachers rapidly transition to teaching from home. This site is

Most of the posts were simple alerts about resources from all over that are helpful to teach from home with. However, I did get to blog with more of my own voice on three articles: Teaching From Home Essentials, Teaching Encounter Bible [Curriculum] Remotely, Assessments Instead of Exams.

I enjoyed sharing what has worked for me in a professional manner. I really enjoy helping people be better at what they are doing. The immediate need for that blog has slowed down a bit for now. However, I am considering creating a blog on my own website to keep sharing with teachers and help them improve their craft.

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Do it! 🙂