Note: This post was originally created for Web 2.0-Based Learning and Performance at FSU.

By the time I was born in the mid 80s personal computer had been around for a few years. However, most people still did not have one at home. My first memory of using a computer was in kindergarten to play OutNumbered! in the school computer lab on DOS. It was incredible!

My Dad had computers at work but I did get to use them much. In 1995 we got a Windows 95 computer at home. I enjoyed using it to play Full Tilt Pinball and later Civ II all of the time.

I often feel like a digital native. Computers have always felt very natural to me. However, my children were on computers a good four years earlier than I was and have had much more access to them. I can remember a time not having a computer at home, they cannot. I can remember a time when the internet was a new thing, they cannot. I clearly remember not having smartphones, they cannot. I can remember not being able ask what the weather is going to be and a computer would not even hear me, they cannot. I can remember a time that you had to wait to develop your pictures before you saw them and put them in a box or frame, they cannot.

I know that computers have had a huge impact, good and bad, on my life. I am interested to see how they develop a different relationship than me to technology. Is it more good or bad, either way it is so integrated in to all aspects of life.

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Those visuals reminded me of all of a sudden how we (my sisters and brother) argued over and over again, especially very early in the morning, to play more atari (I still remember how sssslllooowwwwwww my sister was in super mario which finaly made us fight and kick each other – good memories :)). My mother was trying to manage those crazy kids – us!!! And again all of a sudden, we all embodied silence seeing any indicators that sleeping father is ‘awakening’. I don’t have a clear memory of when and how I got my first computer even though… Read more »

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