I remember signing up for my first social network on my laptop in my dorm room and wondering why I was friends with Tom. It turned out everyone was‽ And then a few years later I signed up for Facebook again from my dorm room on my laptop. But then a few years after that I was perplexed by how the new Instagram service was only accessible from their iPhone app. Mobile only‽

Today most of the world is having their first social media experience on their Mobile devices. Large portions of the world will probably never get wired internet. You to probably use your social networks via a mobile phone the majority of the time.

How does a mobile first experience effect how we use these platforms?

The key experiences with Myspace would have been difficult to do on a mobile device. All of us spent more time than we are willing to admit customizing our profile pages with our favorite music, youtube videos, photos, abouts, favorites, and of course custom HTML that we generated through a customization site. This all seems odd and less relevant in a mobile first experience.

But mobile first offers some different experiences, like on location instant sharing, live streaming, frequent updates and more. Most of the wold will only ever experience mobile social networks. This has already changed how they are designed and function.

What do you miss about the computer first social network approach? What do you enjoy about the mobile first experience?

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