Remote Instruction

Learning opportunities can happen in person or remotely. Don’t wait to have the perfect setting for learning to occur, create learning moments no matter the situation. All of us got a dose of this during the pandemic lockdown, however, remote learning will continue to be a part of our lives. So let’s make it great!

Paper 2 Docs

Easily transform paper assignments into interactive Google Docs!

Read the Bible in 90 Days

The Bible is the most transforming book you will ever read. The more time you sit with it more transformative it becomes. Join this journey of taking a different approach to reading your Bible in just 90 Days. Be ready for a transformation.

Write a Group Bible Study

Learn how to write Bible studies that leads a group to unpack what the Bible is really saying.


One of my favorite morning routines is crafting a fresh cup of coffee. I enjoy the complex flavors of freshly roasted single-origin coffees brewed with a manual coffee maker. I hope that you find similar enjoyment.

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