Intro & Pretest




Video Conference Instruction Methods


Instructing over a video conference is very different than instructing in a classroom. It is easy for students feel isolated and disconnected from the instructor. However, there are a few simple Video Conference Instruction Methods that will keep your students engaged and learning.

You will…

Follow an instructional prompt, with prerecorded student interactions, the instructor will video record yourself successfully using multi-campus video instruction methods.

Here is how…


This pretest consists of

This is a pretest and you are not expected to know everything yet. The post test at the end of this module will be very similar to the pretest.

*No one will see this recording. It will disappear as soon as you navigate away from this page or if it is refreshed.


In the following scenario you will be “teaching” an online class of students about writing persuasive essays. The groups of students are prerecorded but treat them like it is a live class

When you are ready to begin:

  1. Click here
  2. Allow camera and mic access
  3. Follow the prompts below
  4. *If the recorder above does not work use

  5. When complete, the recording

Play each video and respond to the students

Play the video to the right and welcome the students that have joined the class.

Respond to the student's comment.

Respond to the student's question

Stop recording and play the video back as you grade yourself with the form below.

After you submit the form please proceed to the instructions on the next page.